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[Idea] Game Difficulity
I think this topic fits here the best. 

I remember (I think at old polish forum) discussion about difficulty level in Colobot. I know it would be probably too hard to implement anythink like that to colobot gold (but maybe im wrong), so I would make a topic where we could left our ideas for future Colobot 2.
I think the best way to make game harder is to make player need to use more programming and use it at more realistic level - like in realrobots. 
So I suggest to make 3 levels of difficulty:
- EASY: no changes in compare to normal Colobot 
- NORMAL: You can use only primitive functions like "motor" (to control engine, not a distance)  instead of "goto" - have to write your own goto using only primitive functions - can only control each part of robot. Can't just use "grab" or "drop" - have to control mechanic arm to make it do that. Just to make it as complicated as real robots but in game. 
- HARD: the same as normal but there is no astronaut you can control and robots can be used only by programming 
What do you think?

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