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[Idea] Entity with no model or collision sphere, that can run scripts
The idea is to implement a logic entity that could be put in scene txt and run programs, but wont be accesible ingame.
Solved by Emxx52, it already exists. To anyone interested try

CreateObject pos=10;10 dir=1 type=MissionController script1="%lvl%/TEST1.TXT" run=1 selectable=0

Old stuff below.
Spoiler :
CreateObject pos=314.25;250 dir=1 type=EventEntity script1="%lvl%/DoStuff1.TXT" run=1 selectable=0
This could handle different mission events. Regular objects in game can't run programs. (If that was the case I'd run a global program on any cactus)
Lazy solution - enable greenery or other static items to run programs on them, via scene.txt file.

Regular solution:
This could be possibly achieved easily by duplicating AlienAnt definition, changing name and deleting 90% of references to model, animations, collision sphere etc which should not take that much time but gives a neat tool for level design.

I had to use stationary aliens for this in my missions, and pretend that they're standing still for artistic reasons.

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