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UraniumOre Destroyable?
(05-05-2016, 08:33 PM)Simbax Wrote: I am going to play a game

Tomb Raider?

If we want to mess with UraniumOre logic, then we could consider if we want to make it transportable by Me but with radiation damage (I can't find that issue).
Also with that properties list, there are my thoughts:
  • -Is it flammable? - From what I've found it's flammable after heating in real world, after crushing it's pyrophoric ( In game - well, we could theoretically make it flammable, but if we'll make it, then maybe it should require more than one shot.
    • What objects and forces should make it burn? - Shooters could make it flammable, as they're shooting fireballs. As I said before, it should require more than one shoot, to avoid accidental burning them.
    • What damage can it cause while burning? - Do we want to make anything that cause damage while burning? Currently burning aliens/buildings/bots aren't doing any damage, so why would it be different?
  • - Is it explosive? - Like TNT? Why?
    • What objects and forces should make it explode? - look above
    • What damage can it cause while exploding? - same here

  • - Is it radioactive? - of course it is.
    • How long should be radius of the radiation? - look below
    • What objects should get damage of it? - Me is shielded by suit, so only damage it would have when touching them. I'm not sure about Aliens, Uranium would be just used as defensive tool, and making it cause very small damage makes no sense IMHO. And with bots and buildings, they are designed for cosmic radiation, so it could make them invulnerable to radiation.

  • - Is it heavy? - do we want them to be used as bombs? Or make grabbers speed depend from load?
    • How much and what objects can carry it? - what could carry more than one object?

  • - How humans and/or aliens can use it? - Humans for NuclearCell, maybe for PowerStations designed to charge bots without energy underground. Put UraniumOre in slot (like in NuclearPlant) and charge cells.
    Aliens - I don't think they could use it somehow. It's not good thing that could be used as bombs (if we'll ever implement that).
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