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[split] Colobot V GOLD - What game is better to mod and play userlevels?

Does anybody have the download to the old colobot? Thanks alot!
Prepare for unforeseen consequences...
Interesting post, so I use orginal COLOBOT and I'm very glad, it's better than Gold COLOBOT
Colobot: Gold Edition still have some obvious flaws at this point of development, but for userlevels and modding purposes is actually and objectively better than original Colobot or any other EPSITEC game.

Well, in this thread there's some off-topic posts that I think to separate about this morning (or any other mod will be faster than me, because I don't want to mess up with Mod CP on my mobile device).
@Seweryn44 why do you think the original is better than Gold Edition? I'm just curious to know Smile

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