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Colobot: Gold Edition Logo 3rd Revision
I agree that 25/05 version is the best one so far. If it's not possible to improve it without breaking everything else, I think we can just take that one.
I agree that previous version is better. Well, perfect lightning is really hard to achieve with this material without messing more with the scene - and I want keep this scene as simple and "portable" between another projects like that as it can be. Better lightning will be good thing to update or 4th revision of the logo probably.

Here's 4k render of it. Render time ~50 minutes:

[Image: 4X4dlB1.png]

And here's some basic animation. 1280x640, aspect ratio 2:1 (because Jurassic World's aspect ratio's the best, anyway the lightning matrix in standard 16:9 was unintentionally visible in frame) 14 samples, time rendering ~3 hours. It's better to download this and use any good player to make it loop flawlessly - this YouTube looping doesn't work good:

*Sorry for bad video miniature.
** WTF's wrong with the forum?! Can you see this video frame in my post? If not, use this link instead.
I don't see this video Tongue

I have a HUGE space.

Broswer was blocking this Raptor Tongue
Sorry for my English
[Image: 76561198127157465.png]
I've noticed it some time ago that video frames are no longer working for some reason, but I forgot to mention it.

[Image: SevIvGu.png]
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
My Opera don't blocking videos.
But Firefox... Tongue

Anyway, let's go back to thread.
This 25/05 version is.... masterpiece Big Grin
Sorry for my English
[Image: 76561198127157465.png]
Ok, as promised, I prepared my remake of intro/outro promo of GOLDs logo. Looks much brighter and cleaner than the previous one used in our GOLD 0.1.6 promo video, and of course still have some flaws to fix before the final render. And renders much faster. But unfortunately I totally forgot this time to switch on stamp stats to frames before start, so I even don't know how long this test render was rendering in background while I was doing other stuff... Tongue Well, I remember only that I used 6 samples to render it and HD resolution.

And well, standard YouTube compression hates blur. I uploaded video that has lossless compressed frames into PNG and YouTube just broke it a little. I guess when we'll compress another promo video to our official YT, we'll use direct format compression that will persuade YouTube to not decode it again in a worst way.

I hope I'm getting closer to finally commit this to the repo some day.

If videoframe doesn't work with your browser, use this link to see my work.
big and really bright part of "C" is suddenly phasing into existence, It's really hard to miss even is you try to not notice
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(06-15-2016, 06:55 PM)radioactivity Wrote: big and really bright part of "C" is suddenly phasing into existence, It's really hard to miss even is you try to not notice

Well, that's just one of many lightning issues to fix before final. I only wonder how much time will take me making this 100% acceptable...

Finally I've managed some free time to do a test with Kabel's font subtitle. Lightning issues are still visible, but the rest imho looks very legit for Colobot logo.

[Image: yckCosb.png]

I've tried with other Kabel's font variants but they didn't look as good at any settings as how it looks now. I have nothing against TerranovaTeam usage of the Ubuntu font family though, but in final version of the logo I would highly prefer to oficially use Kabel. Possibly that's my next thing to do - research about usage of this font in Open Source projects like KDE or our Colobot.

So what's your point of view about that font in GOLD's logo?
I think I like the version with Ubuntu font more. Kabel in 3D doesn't look as good as the other one.
This Kabel font should be smaller...
Sorry for my English
[Image: 76561198127157465.png]
How much smaller and what exactly? The font itself or subtitle? Well, I believe when I make this subtitle smaller, then this will force me to make unnatural bigger gaps between the letters.

Or maybe you mean this should be written as "Gold Edition" instead of "GOLD EDITION"? I already tried this and somehow the shape of the smaller letters was messed with vertex artifacts after applying bevel to the shape. I tried every possible and acceptable setting and give up thinking that Blender doesn't like too complex meshes. So I left bigger letters as they looks much simpler and minimalistic. And they look closer to the ones in original logo.
(07-01-2016, 11:44 PM)RaptorParkowsky Wrote: Or maybe you mean this should be written as "Gold Edition" instead of "GOLD EDITION"?

As "Gold Edition". But Can you show a smaller version of "GOLD EDITION" subtitle?
Sorry for my English
[Image: 76561198127157465.png]
Ok, so here's the result of messing with too tight and small letters:

[Image: tkjPzO6.png]

And here's closer look at all visible errors of the beveled meshes:

[Image: chiV7rr.png]

Well, about that big "G" is real problem, because it's used also in "GOLD EDITION" version of the logo. I can try tweak it a bit but this will probably completely change the 3D shape of subtitle's font. Or also I could convert 3D text object to just regular mesh and fix the geometry manually, but this is too lossy solution. Then probably every other text that we would render this way would require some manual and struggling work to fix the shape of every letter. So there's one advantage for Ubuntu font, which is looking better on similar settings of the bevel and have no mesh distortions.

Anyway, Poland FTW.

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