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How can I make mods?
There is a folder in %ColobotGoldInstallDir%\data (or $ColobotGoldInstallDir/data for *nix users) called "mods". It is clear that this folder is for user-added content, but it is unclear:
  1. What kind of content can I put into this folder? Is it limited to userlevels, or can I put music, models, maps, readily-available code to add to the CBOT API, and/or documentation into it?
  2. How must I structure the content's folder for Colobot Gold to recognize the content?
  3. I searched the old Colobot website. The old link to "Creating Colobot user levels" is dead. It makes sense that Colobot Gold would mod differently than the old Colobot, but it would be similar. How can I make a userlevel?
If there are one or more thread(s) in this forum that answer these questions, could we arrange to sticky them or otherwise make them easier to find? Before I posted this thread, I searched "mod" and 'mods" and found nothing more useful than custom user levels. I could reverse engineer the available userlevels, but I would rather have straightforward documentation, and I am certain I am not the only one. If there is no such documentation, I will do the work necessary to document how mods work and put it on Github during my free time unless I find someone who has done it before me.
1.Well, everything that's in /data directory might be a part of mod (new or modified textures, music, sounds, levels, etc). In plans there are also new objects with animations and logic (currently you can only make new models, that still will be animated same way), maybe there will be possibility to expand CBOT syntax or add new languages (this is only idea).
2.In /mods directory you create second directory (you can name it whatever you wish), inside it everything is just like in /data directory (models/music/textures, with subdirectories). If new files will have same filename as original ones, they will replace original ones (until they won't be renamed or removed).
Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png]
As for making user levels, the original file is mirrored here:
The main change from the original Colobot is the new directory structure. There are also a few syntax changes in the level files that you should pay attention to. The most complete source of information is probably our GDD (chapter 5.2), (if the link doesn't load, right click and choose "save link as", I think that is some problem with our new Jenkins install)
Thank you. These linked documents look like they will be very helpful.

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