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potential new funding platform for libre games
i will keep this short so i dont end up ranting.
i am working on a subreddit for free/libre games
General Public Games For General Public Gamers (out by friday)

and i would like to use steemit has a platform to try and raise funds for libre games developers.
here is a demonstration i have posted on steemit (i have posted using the spam tag so it does not go on main page)

Right now on /r/gpg4gpg i have linked free games from

i really like the format of fossgames, most the info i need for a game is in onepage.
and am hoping game developers can post their games on steemit in a similar format.
so people looking for free/libre games can end up on a clean page, with the info/links they need,
and game developers can get some funding from fans upvoting.

Was hoping someone from the colobot community could make a post on steemit so i can link it to /r/gpg4gpg.
This could be a good experiment for developers and fans for free software.

thanks for taking the time to read this.

more info on steemit links below

EDIT: update 10/07/16

hey just a quick update, turns out steemit is legit, it payed out.
converting steem dollars to bitcoin was easy thanks to
but steemit pays out its rewards half steem dollars and half steem power.
it take 104 weeks to power down steem power.
so posting for someone else's behalf and transferring the reward is not so straight forward.
unless you you have enough steem dollars to just double the amount.
i made a small donation to the colobot bitcoin address from the steemit reward,
has kind of proof the platform works and has a thanks.

i hope the developers take a look at steemit.

Anyway i wont bring up steemit again.
i came on here to rant about steemit and forgot to thank you all for making a really good game.

thanks Smile
Hey, just to tell you, it's legit and true, it totally worked out, I just got tons of my rewards, and have tons of bitcoins for freeee WOW!!! Also helped several people get rich on the way. It's like free money for everyone! I'm leaving my work tomorrow. It's like you post, receive rewards and steem dollars, put bitcoins in wallet and here you go, It's so much different than Lioness, pyramid schemes, give-us-your-money-and-find-someone-else-to-give-you-money schemes, pay-us-and-advertize-everywhere-and-you-may-get-ur-money-back schemes and others. Ooops I meant paralell marketing schemes, wchich are a legal and amazing way to earn money by supporting each other, and everyone gets rich. It's because of the innovative block chain media platform, its totally not a pyramid, cause its a block chain, which is totally different and legit. Here we support each other for rewards. Amazing!

Srsly, no ban for this guy already? A few months ago you banned left and right, and this thread is around for a couple of days.

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Trailer for TrueLevels and my youtube channel here. Cheers!
He does not look like a bot account like all the others, and he did in fact donate 0.001 BTC

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