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potential new funding platform for libre games
Hey, just to tell you, it's legit and true, it totally worked out, I just got tons of my rewards, and have tons of bitcoins for freeee WOW!!! Also helped several people get rich on the way. It's like free money for everyone! I'm leaving my work tomorrow. It's like you post, receive rewards and steem dollars, put bitcoins in wallet and here you go, It's so much different than Lioness, pyramid schemes, give-us-your-money-and-find-someone-else-to-give-you-money schemes, pay-us-and-advertize-everywhere-and-you-may-get-ur-money-back schemes and others. Ooops I meant paralell marketing schemes, wchich are a legal and amazing way to earn money by supporting each other, and everyone gets rich. It's because of the innovative block chain media platform, its totally not a pyramid, cause its a block chain, which is totally different and legit. Here we support each other for rewards. Amazing!

Srsly, no ban for this guy already? A few months ago you banned left and right, and this thread is around for a couple of days.

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