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Shooting the breeze
It would have more sense if underground resources could end. Anyway it's some kind of alternative for sniffer.

I got that idea when I was thinking about that all robots in Colobot are made from some parts and some of these parts are the same for few robots.
For example you can choose your robot will be wheeled or tracked, also Shielder and Phazer have the same chassis - so why do not choose other parts? Smile robot could have for example some plugin to connect to EnergySpot and charge Cells or even whole robots, or a drill like derrick... - maybe you could add more parts? Additional arm or sniffing arm - every part would make robot more heavy so making robot with "everything" would be unprofitable - shorter time of flying or even make robot unallowed to fly, higher usage of battery when moving, making even tracked robot unable to go on steep mountains etc.

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