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Bots, Everywhere
Ah snap. I was trying to do the missions first, thinking they might be tutorial-ish lol Noticed I was wrong when they sent me on my merry way and I was left fiddling with my robot like a spacemonkey, checking guides and wikis like a madman. Finally piecing things together in a total Frankenstein way, but getting there!

I only started typing "the right way" on a pc a few months ago, so any and all advise is much appreciated True Destroyer, thank you (Who types when you can just copy/paste lol). Yeah I noticed they love the semi-colon spice in their code salads. I'm still figuring out the brackets and such. Terribly happy about that! If you master the use of the tool's full functionality, there is no limit to what you can craft!

Hm, yes. Right now the While() {} and If() {} is giving me a headache. Trying to write something to round up stuff but my toe keeps banging against the coffee table known as: I don't know how to specify a location as a condition instead of a boolean, which is what the program checker keeps demanding from me (Yeah I barely know what I just said and I surely don't know if I said it right lol).

Thank you once more, now I finally know more on how the int works! That was something I understood, but had no idea how to use it. Yes, I soon realized that spelling something out quite literally for a program is needed. Tedious, but it leaves room for potential, the harder a person works the better their program will be, which leads to higher quality software and experiences for everyone!

Bots gone wild! 2.0 lmao The simple fact of being able to manipulate the bots on almost a core level (modding aside) is what I like most about ColoBot and about programming in a broader sense. Game Goal: Bot football lol

Youch yeah, a shame programming ain't all that easy... yet. With the boom in the AI industries and connectivity and digital awareness taking on all new forms, I am sure that in the future we will be able to create complex programs with nothing more than a few cleverly chosen words and options. Heck, we kinda are doing it in ColoBot already lol Just think of all the base programming that went into it just to be able to get a reaction out of the bots with some weirdly placed code from some of the most Noobish people out there (Myself, probably on the top 5 list of ultimate noobs lmao). Some day, we will all be programming with the skills of the legends. Some day, Ha!

I'm glad I came to this forum, y'all are friendly and helpful here. I'm sure I'll bug everyone with questions 'till I get banned or Pro! Bahaha

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