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Idea for Colobot 2
(10-15-2016, 01:01 PM)LRV Wrote: Hello,
this my idea for Colobot 2:
After the migration to Terranova you start an exploring program to its Moons, a modified Version of Jinx, the planet the official user mission Alert on and many other planets in the solar system.
It should include some new bots:
1.Builder(wheeled,tracked,legged,hovered  and winged available)
Model:old shooter model
acts:like a grabber bot with the build order on the gui, can´t grab
acts:like the normal LRV except for that, that it can be programmed and can store 2 items on it´s seats
3.Kamikaze Bot(winged,wheeled,hovered and tracked available)
Model:targeting bot
acts:like a controllable targeting bot, which only blows up, when he hits an enemy
4.Hovercraft(grabber,sniffer,shooter,builder,kamikaze and orga shooter variants available)
acts:like a wheeler,which can climb steep terrain and drive ON water and other liquids
model: a floating wheeled trainer without wheels
5.Taser(tracked available)
Model:normal tracked  bot with a single, yellow phaser gun,not with the niner gun from the phaser
acts like:a shooter, which targets are gonna get shocked and stunned for a longer time than from the stomper,if hit(works on the astronaut and on bots too).
I was recently thinking along similar lines--once ColoBot Gold is finally finished, there could be an expansion pack with more missions on the different worlds that you visit in Colobot with more missions on each world--basically trying to figure out what went wrong, looking to see if certain planets could be made habitable (Tropica and Centaury come to mind), etc., but obviously this won't happen for some time I think.

However, looking at the suggestions above, it got me to thinking about your ideas, and here's a few suggestions of my own:
1) Builder--why not give the Grabbers the ability to construct buildings just like the astronaut ("Me")? The same "neutron gun" effect could be used, with a small "emitter" nozzle or something on the front of the robot, or even mounted in its claw (it "retracts" when the robot is carrying something--basically the neutron beam emitter could be covered up by whatever the grabber is carrying rather than messing around with the rendering of the emitter). This could be a researchable upgrade at the Research Center and could only be used by the grabber when it's not carrying something already.

2) LRV--I like the idea of being able to bring the LRV along on different missions if you find it, and have the astronaut be able to ride around in it and travel faster than on foot but not as fast as flying (same speed as a legged or tracked robot, maybe?)

3) Kamikaze bot--how about instead of looking like a target bot, it could look like whatever robot chassis type (wheeled, tracked, legged, or hover if that gets used), but with a land mine on top? I'm not sure about a flying version, but making it wheeled, tracked, or legged and having it explode when it impacts an enemy or structure and destroying itself and whatever it hits (except the Alien Queen) would be fun. This is a great idea to add to the expansion pack as a new type of bot that could be researched and possibly used to defend your base from alien bugs?

4) Hovercraft--Again, this is a great idea for use in a possible expansion pack. I would make it like a flyer (same speed and energy use), but keep it about 1-2m above the ground and able to go across water but not climb up hills that are too steep (about half the slope that tracked bots can climb, maybe?). If it went across lava (on Volcano), it would heat up quickly and have to stop, but otherwise would heat up at a slow rate (1/10 the rate of a flyer, maybe?).

5) Taser--I like this one too. I could see it being used on bots, KOing them for several seconds, but not on the astronaut (his suit is insulated and has a conductive outer layer), as well as every alien type except the Alien Queen (she's just too big to be affected). Perhaps instead of a different colored gun like the shooters, this could have a double-barrelled raygun-type blaster or something? (I'll have to find a good picture of what I'm thinking of so my suggestion makes more sense...)

6) AlienFish (from below)--Make it look like a mutant pirahna or a coelocanth, possibly? Something not too hard to render, but nasty looking with lots of jagged teeth. Maybe it could poke its head out of the water and shoot water blasts (like the Orga balls dropped by AlienWasps, but blue and with a short range). Of course, if you added this, you'd probably want a TorpedoBot (underwater shooter type) to fight it. (I'm imagining a Subber with a Shooter cannon instead of the front claw, basically working like an underwater WingedShooter).

Of course, most of this, like I said, would have to wait until after Colobot Gold is finished, but we can dream, right? Wink

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