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[split] Criticism of @LRV signature
(01-21-2018, 11:53 PM)bipel88 Wrote: Hey @LRV u got reputation minus one! How is this even possible? And u ask to be part of a team? I wouldn't work with someone who's got negative reputation! It's like... cooperating with alien queen. No offence but... just kidding I'm not an asshole.

"I'm not an asshole, but..." sounds a bit like "I'm not sexist/racist/whatever, but..." - anything before "but" doesn't count. :x

Just drop it. All of you.
It's childish to pick on someone's sig, make fun of them, and all that. Especially if you are an admin [*looks at Raptor*]. Just explaining why the text in sig was pointless (there already is a community, everyone can make things etc.) should be enough - but it's also important to do so tactfully. And not in public - why not use private messages system?

I know you're all here because you want. It's not a business. But that doesn't mean that the community has no rules or that the rules don't apply to people with power.
I volunteered on actual official game forum and even if we were annoyed by some people, we still couldn't just make fun of them. Even trolls or spammers, we had to do everything so that they wouldn't feel attacked, or forward it to our manager (actual employee that has experience in managing online communities).
*cut*, I actually worked there for localization (crowdsourced, I was the only one hired in that part itself) and had to tactfully inform some people that I had to delete all their suggested translations... even if I was tired of people not reading things for hundredth time.

Do you see the difference between what happened in this thread and how businesses/good online communities work?

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