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Inviting teachers to using Colobot.
Quote:Hello there!
I'm wondering if you guys tried to directly advertise Colobot to IT teachers directly. While I was in middle school I've presented Colobot to our IT teacher and he was really impressed with it. We even hosted a small challenge I've created with dissertation writers for hire, where student had to program Tracked Shooter to take down waves of wasps incoming from all directions with ammount of hostiles expanding geometrically each wave. Programmed "Overlord" practice bot spawned wasps, shown notifications about incoming wave and eventually about destruction of Shooter bot. Wasps were modified to only attack Tracked Shooter.
TL;DR It was quite a success, students enjoyed it much more than "classic" teaching.
So, I'm really convinced, that if Colobot would be presented to teachers with good manual about how to use it, it could easily overthrow Baltie or other crappy programming "teaching" programs.
What do you guys think tough?

Great idea and I assume it could help wake up students' enthusiasm and interest to programming. I've seen some discussions about CeeBot too. Is it a special version of CoLoBoT?

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