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[Linux] Where and how to install user levels?

i think it would be useful to make a tuto explaining how to manage the install of user levels on Linux.

I have a Debian, and i woulod like to add user levels on my Colobot Gold. By searching in the package info, i found that all useful files for the games (except personal programs) are in /usr/share/games/colobot/.

How to safely add user levels? The matter is to know where to put files...

Thank you all Wink
/usr/share/games/colobot/mods/ (for all users) or ~/.local/share/colobot/mods/ (for current user, doesn't require root privileges). Keep in mind that the userlevel format has changed in Gold Edition so userlevels from original Colobot will not work.
Thanks, i tried with truelevels2. It's a zip (as recommanded by conceptor), but i think it doesn't work because it's in old format.
i'll try with bloodia, maybe this one will work.

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