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My super move is not so super after all.
What is the chkpos function supposed to actually do? Return a point c meters in front of the robot? (I'm too lazy to try to understand the whole code Tongue)

If so... why not just
point object::chkpos(int c)
   point p;
   p.x = this.position.x + cos(this.orientation) * c;
   p.y = this.position.y + sin(this.orientation) * c;
   p.z = topo(p);
   return p;

I can't see any other immediate problems, other than the way you do the altitude choice could probably be done better - I'd just let the wasp stay at around z=max(topo(this.position), chkpos(20))+some_arbitrary_altitude_above_ground. Anyway, your code seems to work fine for me, unless you have some level with terrain changes big enough for it to break.

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