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(Cont.) Speedy Blupi Cutscenes
I should've sited a source in my last thread HERE. In my last thread, I was curious as to whether or not there were cutscenes in Speedy Blupi. But someone got me confused with Planet Blupi, so this time I cited a picture below to give people a better idea on what approach I am taking this current thread to.
[Image: 34360906986_032a0e0371_z.jpg]
Raw screenshot taken from Speedy Blupi DEMO.
The source code of Speedy Blupi is mostly a fork of Planet Blupi. Daniel (the author) has not removed the video option but he has never realized the movies.

There is an other game where cutscenes exist, it's "Fun with Blupi" (available on and only in french (Blupi s'amuse).

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