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[idea] Extended User Mods
As far as I know Terranova Team is not working on a whole new version of Colobot, so called Colobot 2, before Colobot Gold is not finished, and at the same time I already see changes in the original gameplay.
But what if to give anyone ability to change all the simple things in the game via user mods that were already implemented? Let there be optional configuration files within mod directory and also optional configuration files within level subdirectories (for creating specific conditions for specific levels)?
What comes first to mind is that within these files we will be able to redefine object properties (destructibleness, shield, material, power, range of fire, friendly fire for insects, spread of explosive elements for spiders, etc) and create new types of objects (for example, a spider that can run fast and explode more more abundantly and onto larger area or Repair Center that will require underground energy to do repair or wasps that will be able to transport insects and do partial damage by dropping a titanium ore).
It will give tools and encourage level makers to create more original levels and also save developers from  hardcoding @ recompiling every time there is a need to test some cosmetic gameplay change.
What do you think about it and what you could say about it's implementation perspectives?
Such modding functionality already is in TerranovaTeam plans. But it'll take some time until we reach such point of the game's development. Implementation of such features require a lot of internal code refactoring and it has to be done step by step because we don't want to ruin game's stability in this way too much.
That's some good thing to know, I will wait for that. I even hope that modifying files outside of game engine itself will someday become the main way to change various game aspects, shouldn't it be?

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