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[idea] Replace destroyer with restrictor
This is simple: let's replace that useless destroyer on 14th button with another new building with next release. I mean, destroyer is 200% useless. It's big, it's immovable, it works slowly, it can't destroy anything that can't be destroyed by ordinary shooter, etc. It would be better even if 14th button simply remained unused, seriously.

What is restrictor? It is a building that thumps the ground just like thumper, but it works continuously, non-stop. It doesn't turns insects upside, but drives them off. It seems to be very reasonable kind of building, I think. The idea comes from Half-Life 2 where combines were installing perimeter restrictors across the coast to keep antlions at bay.

Why is there a need in it giving that we have DefenseTower? Range of a tower is limited to 40 meters and it can deal with only one insect at the time, plus it misses sometimes. Restrictor, on the other hand, would have significantly greater range and affect all the insects at once. Of course, it would require nuclear battery for more or less continuous work. We would also be able to create levels with goal requiring us to protect certain area by installing this building, too.

Which way would it work? Either literally prevent insects (ants, spiders, worms) from moving onto certain area around it or just have an attribute determining whether perimeter limiter is thumping at the time or not. Second variant, of course, is better: it is easier to implement and you will have only to incorporate this into your programs for insects so that they will change their behavior accordingly.

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Destroyer is in the game because we've got the source code for CeeBot-Teen along with Colobot. We've just put it there because we had an empty slot. It's not supposed to be buildable in the story campaign, and we might replace it with something else in the future. And yes, the buiding seems utterly useless outside of CeeBot-Teen.

I couldn't be more delighted with your use of Combine/Overwatch Thumper/Restrictor as an inspiration, as I am a huge Lambda fan myself, but adding new buildings to Colobot: Gold Edition is rather out of the question (except for some BuzzingCars and BlupiMania-2 stuff of course, and that's slowly being integrated into the main game right now).
Prepare for unforeseen consequences...

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