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Could someone please fix this on the forums?
1. In the regulations:
Quote:The user is alone responsible for the content he provides on the website.
Why "he"? I know non-native English speakers tend to default to masculine forms, but in texts like that it should be at least "he/she".
Though, English also has a very nice neutral pronoun "they" (singular they is a thing; and fun fact: it's been around since 14th century).

In the next point we see "his" as well. Here using "their" would be confusing (user-they vs administration-they), but "user's" should be good.
Then again "he" and "his"... Is this a sausage party or something? Girls can code too. So at least use language inclusive to them.

2. On profiles:
"sex" - could this please be changed to "gender"? There's a difference between the two in English. And seeing "sex" makes me think "why do you want to know my genitals?" (although sex is a more complex thing, it can be simplified to this... or to chromosomes, although neither is really correct).

Sorry for posting that my first day on the forums, but over the years, I learned that language really changes how we all think. That's mostly for 1st point. The 2nd one is just something that really bothers me - I have used some forums on MyBB engine before, but never in English...
[And now I wait for backlash...]
1. is fixed. We're not native speakers and it's hard to write formal texts like the regulations properly. Thanks for noticing. I doubt that people read those regulations often, so plus for you because you seem to have actually read them.

Regarding 2., eh, I don't want to get into silly debates here, even though it's tempting, so I'm going to be politically correct for once in my life and change it to "gender" without further discussion Tongue
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