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[SOLVED] Critical errors with a program in lvl controller after loading saved game
I have serious problem with a program written for level controller. This particular trouble appears in the level 4-4 "Explosives" of my usermod. I don't know, maybe I should've tried to create a separated level dedicated to troubleshooting purposes instead? Anyway, when I start the game, save the game and then load the save, either one of two things happen:
1) Level controller stops working by throwing "illegal object" error, and that's all.
2) Level controller does not stops working. But when I kill all three spiders in the first camp northward from the space ship, thus triggering respawn, the game just crashes.

I encounter this problem by using level controller, but about two things I am certain:
1) This is not related to level controllers per se, because if I use ordinary bots instead results are just as bad.
2) It doesn't matter if you load your program to object (a level controller or a bot) in scene.txt or manually after starting the game.

Mayhaps there is some glitchy-glutchy function that I shouldn't use yet or use differently than I do and somebody might know more about it, otherwise it can be fixed only in the game engine and in that case I just try to get more attention to this problem...

EDIT: I opened an issue in my github on this topic so that it can be referenced if anything.

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[SOLVED] Critical errors with a program in lvl controller after loading saved game - by robocat04 - 02-07-2018, 09:06 PM

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