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Array elements crashing program [SOLVED]
I want my program to be able to solve the MazesOnMars levels and reliably reach objects surrounded by ruins (e.g. Titanium and PowerCells in the Tropica "On the Offensive" mission). I'm afraid that any algorithm that can't tell the difference between a path and a dead end just isn't going to cut it.

Also, I'm not sure that navmeshes would be all that useful in Colobot: Buildings are more-or-less permanent obstacles once built, but a pre-computed navmesh can't reliably predict where the player will decide to build them. This means that if Colobot was going to use navmeshes, it would need a dynamic navmesh generator. Not impossible, but it looks like it would be quite a lot of work for relatively little benefit. I imagine that any CPU cycles you saved by using the navmesh would likely be spent 10 times over when creating or updating it.

At the moment I'm reading up on Theta*, I think if I use that with a 5m grid and some obstacle avoidance, then I may have the basis of a good goto() replacement. I just need to add a few tweaks to properly allow for the use of waypoints that aren't in the center of a grid square.

All of this is of course getting totally off the original topic, but I'm going to assume for the moment that there simply is no way to test whether a variable has been initialized in Cbot. I may add a feature request at some point.

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