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Full Version: Trivia about everything related to Colobot
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If you know something strange or unusual about the EPSITEC or TT games, EPSITEC itself or even ICC, TT, you can share your knowledge here! The best facts will be added to the main page.

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For example:

Short description:
In the original version of the game there were 14 buttons for building. However, the last one could not be unlocked in any way, even after you beat the game.
[Image: 2014-11-01_14-50-24.png]

Long description:
Community had a theory that under the 14th button a Vault is hidden, but the ability to build it has never been used. After release of the source code, it was clear that it was just a placeholder to keep the look of the UI nice.

In Colobot: Gold Edition this button is used as a way to build a Destroyer.

It would be nice if you provided links referring to objects and screenshots or link to a source of a fact. Videos in a long description may be a good idea too. Also, don't do any formatting like bold font or colors if unnecessary. Descriptions should be as simple (and short) as possible, but not simpler. Main information must be included in a short description to interest a user. Long description can contain more information like how to reproduce a bug, what is the source of a revelation, to which game (and version) it is referring to and so on.

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Short description:
There's a mysterious try...catch block statement in CBot that allows you to interrupt normally non-interruptible instructions, like move() and goto().

Long description:
The statement looks similar to try...catch blocks found in many high-level programming languages like C++ and Java. However, in catch() you can put a condition that will be checked every in-game tick. If this condition becomes true, code in try block will be interrupted and control will be returned to the catch block. This allows you to interrupt your program if something extraordinary happens. For example, you can check if an ant is nearby and return back to base to escape the danger.

   object item = radar(TitaniumOre);
   // take ore to converter
catch(radar(AlienAnt, 0, 360, 0, 40) != null)
   message("Ant is attacking me! Returning to base.");
   object item = radar(SpaceShip);

There is no information about it in CBot manual. It was found in one of the documents EPSITEC gave us together with source code of Colobot.
Short description: There's a hidden debug function in CBot that was probably used by Epsitec while creating CBot engine
Long description: It's called CBOTDEBUGDD() and currently just returns an empty string. It's not highlighted in the editor, just like produce(). This was probably used during CBot engine development to test some stuff.
extern void object::Program()

Related part of C:GE source code:
Short description: Did you know there is a hidden LRV on the moon?
Long description: You can find it near Apollo ruins. It even has a help page!
#1 Short description: Did you know, that AlienQueen can live underwater?
#2 Short description: Did you know, that - despite she has legs - AlienQueen can't climb on too steep terrain?
Long description: It's probably because of her big weight.
#2 - It's probably because of settings in CPhysics, but okay Tongue
Your explanation is technical, my explanation is canonical (I don't know better word for this) Tongue
The short description was longer than the long description Big Grin
Short description: Did you know that there was 4 different CeeBot game editions?
Long description: EPSITEC released 4 different CeeBot games between 2003 and 2005: CeeBot-A, CeeBot-Teen, CeeBot-3 and CeeBot-4. CeeBot-A was simply an expanded version of Colobot's Exercises and Challenges game modes. CeeBot-Teen was designed with younger players in mind and featured miniaturized versions of robots. CeeBot-3 was an advanced paint-by-program environment that also enabled players to create animations. And CeeBot-4 was a very advanced programming course from beginner to expert that mixed exercises found in CeeBot-A with CeeBot-3 engine.

I know my English is bad...
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