Problems after updating to alpha-0.1.4?

We’ve head that some of you have problems with game crashing after update to alpha-0.1.4. Happily, it’s really easy to fix.

You can fix the problem by removing colobot.ini file. It’s located in /colobot/colobot.ini (on Windows) or ~/.local/share/colobot/colobot.ini (on Linux).

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Colobot: Gold Edition – alpha 0.1.4 released!

We’ve just released Alpha 0.1.4! You can download it on our download page.
Main part of this update are userlevels and mods – now you can make your own missions, or modify existing ones. Texturepacks are also possible now!

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New webpage!

This is our new webpage! You’ll find basic information about Colobot: Gold Edition, International Colobot Community and TerranovaTeam here.
Also, we hope you like our new, custom theme!

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