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Full Version: Unofficial CGE Launcher [BETA]
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Unofficial CGE Launcher

Originally launcher was written for AFC Remaster, a modification for the CGE.
But this idea was transformed into a standalone launcher for the CGE.
I wrote this launcher in Batch... But don't worry Smile This is a EXE file Smile

  • User-friendly Menu
  • Built-in Settings Menu (TODO)
  • Custom Data folder Loader
  • Graphics engine Chooser
  • Background Music (REMOVED)

  • Put launcher to the folder with the game.

Virus Scan
My Antivirus detected HEUR/APC (Cloud). Dunno if false positive. I don't think this was your intention, but I wouldn't trust BAT to EXE converters if I were you.
My Avast! didn't detected any viruses in my launcher... Strange...
I used this converter: . Avast! didn't detect any viruses in this converter. couldn't analyse this file
Looks like it's clean, my MBAM didn't report anything too.
Some antyvirus programs are oversensitive about packing any kind of executable file into another executable as many viruses use this technique to inject themselves into other programs