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Unofficial CGE Launcher [BETA]
Unofficial CGE Launcher

Originally launcher was written for AFC Remaster, a modification for the CGE.
But this idea was transformed into a standalone launcher for the CGE.
I wrote this launcher in Batch... But don't worry Smile This is a EXE file Smile

  • User-friendly Menu
  • Built-in Settings Menu (TODO)
  • Custom Data folder Loader
  • Graphics engine Chooser
  • Background Music (REMOVED)

  • Put launcher to the folder with the game.

Virus Scan
Sorry for my English
[Image: 76561198127157465.png]
My Antivirus detected HEUR/APC (Cloud). Dunno if false positive. I don't think this was your intention, but I wouldn't trust BAT to EXE converters if I were you.
"After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless."
~The Tao of Programming
My Avast! didn't detected any viruses in my launcher... Strange...
I used this converter: . Avast! didn't detect any viruses in this converter.
Sorry for my English
[Image: 76561198127157465.png]
#4 couldn't analyse this file
Looks like it's clean, my MBAM didn't report anything too.
Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png]
Some antyvirus programs are oversensitive about packing any kind of executable file into another executable as many viruses use this technique to inject themselves into other programs

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