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Trivia about everything related to Colobot
Short description: Did you know that there was 4 different CeeBot game editions?
Long description: EPSITEC released 4 different CeeBot games between 2003 and 2005: CeeBot-A, CeeBot-Teen, CeeBot-3 and CeeBot-4. CeeBot-A was simply an expanded version of Colobot's Exercises and Challenges game modes. CeeBot-Teen was designed with younger players in mind and featured miniaturized versions of robots. CeeBot-3 was an advanced paint-by-program environment that also enabled players to create animations. And CeeBot-4 was a very advanced programming course from beginner to expert that mixed exercises found in CeeBot-A with CeeBot-3 engine.

I know my English is bad...

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