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Colobot: Gold Edition Official Teaser development
As you probably know, I'm working on the official teaser for TerranovaTeam's GOLD project. So in this topic we will discuss about it before the final render and premiere on YouTube channel.

[Image: jvttN27.png]

So there is previsualization of it, how far progress is:

This is how it already looks (only fonts is bad rendered for some reason, because I used ubuntu mono bold everywhere and somewhat it doesn't work in krzys_h's Blender build). This quality satisfy me enough to show it rest of the world after some important changes.

So let me explain some things:

What. I. Just. Watched?
This maybe isn't that perfect, as I plan, but no worries. In some dark places I'll add more light. Some objects, especially the robot, will have better materials. Camera movement will change in some places (there must be more natural movement). Logo animation will have some more details when there's no movement gaps. The floor will be changed for more futuristic. So, list of the issues is still quite long, but I'm waiting for your approval and ideas.

Why this animation is in Cycles Blender engine?
Because it's awesome, cool, and still open source. And I can do deph of field effect easy and quickly without any post-processing in the frames.

Why the final render must be in 4K?
Because we are aiming to the future, and in the future 4K displays will be very popular. That everyone probably know. And if YouTube allow to upload 4K videos, why not use that?

Why this animation is developed for 60 fps?
Because we must go forward before someone else do the same thing. If YouTube supports that, why not? Render in the full quality will be only one, so we can struggle with this short piece of animation in 60 fps.

Why not 3D?
As you can see, this scene is perfect material for stereoscope 3D. But I can't do that in 3D, and not because it will double render time. I will not do that, because standard builds of the Blender haven't good official support for this, and I have too small exprerience to do this. I even don't have any 3D display. And remember, good 3D effect requires practically simulation of the human eyeballs in the cameras and this will be really hard to animate without any professional equipment (if there's any).

What about music? Any sounds?
For now you can play this ( This really fits in all my animations, no matter how long they are Wink . Well, I don't know, someone must compose something good for that, if we're going to release finished and polished version of this as official. PiXeL? Emxx? bartekko? Anyone?

Why there's "TerranovaTeam && International..." as " TerranovaTeam and International..."?
Because I believe that programistic easter egg is enough understandable for everyone.

Why did you cut the robot at the end?
Because it's perfect moment for music designer to make some pathetic noise, like other teasers does Wink . And I really still can't finish that model because I'm still learning with smaller models. So I decided to show not so much.

Is this going to be only 42 seconds long?
In the most part yes, but I'll probably expand the last shot and maybe add another shot to show more informations, like the link to, slogan ("Release when it's done, download alpha/beta today" anyone? Not?). This can be also done in the post-production after final render the main part, but we will discuss about that.

Here is some "making of" materials and renders for ya Wink :

So, what's your thoughs, ideas? Let's discuss.

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