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PowerCell can't be found using radar() while in PowerPlant
When the new PowerCell is produced, calling
doesn't return it.

I have written small program to demonstrate this behaviour:
extern void object::GetPowerCell()
    object pPlant, pCell;
    // place PowerPlant nearby
    produce(flatspace(position, 0), 0, PowerPlant, "");
    pPlant = radar(PowerPlant);
    // grab Titanium
    produce(position, 0, Titanium, "");
    // detect PowerCell in PowerPlant only
    pCell = radar(PowerCell, 0, 360, 0, 5);
    while (pCell == null)
        message("Waiting for power cell.");
        pCell = radar(PowerCell, 0, 360, 0, 5);
    // never happens, since the new PowerCell remains undetectable

Although it is possible to retrieve the PowerCell by grabing blindly while near PowerPlant, IMO it feels very counerintuitive, especially since retrieving Titanium as above works as expected.

I think fixing this would make the game less confusing for beginner players (like me).

Best regards,

PS I didn't post it as issue on GitHub, because I don't know the game well and I account for the possibility this is inteded behaviour.

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