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Ens - An oldtimer community member
Hi! It's very nice to see somebody from the beginnings of Colobot indeed.

@RaptorParkowsky : I think was maintained by developers of Ceebot4, I remember seeing some ____Developer accounts when I was exploring it a long time ago.
Why don't we have these tools in our download somewhere? I thought you collected all things like that already.

(01-18-2016, 04:32 PM)Ens Wrote: I'm sure the code is atrocious though as I coded these tools up back around 2002/2003 before I even really started my Computer Science degree... and they were written in VB6 after all.
I think that original Colobot source code might have been even worse Wink But it was at least in C++ (with manual memory management and no use of C++ standard library though Tongue)

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