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[Code Battle] Can bots discover useful remnants?
As far as I understand, "No" refers both to CBOT build permissions and useful remnants? Tongue
I did simple training scenario via editing save file in high-school and I've used Practice Bot running looped script spawning exponentially numerous waves of wasps and it worked excellent. If such "Master" bot could have more "powers", possibilities are endless.
Two ideas I have already are:
*To enable building X type bots, capture and hold location (np. Only your units are present within 15m radius from platform). If you lose control over it, you lose ability to build winged bots.
*Random events like temporary lightning storms.
Both things would be really easily programmable within CBOT limits. I don't know what about implementing corresponding commands though.

PS Why the hell defense towers won't spawn with energy cells mounted?
Si vis pace, para bellum.

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RE: [Code Battle] Can bots discover useful remnants? - by Quartofel - 03-05-2017, 05:52 PM

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