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A warning for the Colobot community
9-14 15-18-4-5-18 20-15 16-18-5-22-5-14-20 6-21-18-20-8-5-18 4-1-13-1-7-5-19 3-1-21-19-5-4 2-25 20-8-5 18-5-3-11-12-5-19-19 1-3-20-9-15-14-19 15-6 20-8-5 15-18-7-1-14-9-26-1-20-9-15-14 3-1-12-12-5-4 20-5-18-18-1-14-15-22-1-20-5-1-13, 20-8-5 3-15-12-15-2-15-20: 7-15-12-4 5-4-9-20-9-15-14 16-18-15-10-5-3-20 19-8-1-12-12 2-5 3-12-15-19-5-4 9-14 20-23-5-12-22-5 8-15-21-18-19 19-9-14-3-5 20-8-5 13-1-9-14 15-18-7-1-14-9-19-1-20-9-15-14 13-1-9-14-20-1-9-14-9-14-7 20-8-5 9-12-12-5-7-1-12 16-18-15-10-5-3-20 23-9-12-12 8-1-22-5 18-5-3-5-9-22-5-4 20-8-9-19 12-5-20-20-5-18. 9-6 20-8-5 15-18-7-1-14-9-26-1-20-9-15-14 4-15-5-19 14-15-20 1-3-17-21-9-5-19-3-5, 21-14-6-15-18-5-19-5-5-14 3-15-14-19-5-17-21-5-14-3-5-19 23-9-12-12 15-3-3-21-18 1-14-4 1-12-12 20-8-5 13-5-13-2-5-18-19 15-6 20-8-5 15-18-7-1-14-9-26-1-20-9-15-14 23-9-12-12 18-5-7-18-5-20 20-8-5-9-18 23-18-15-14-7 4-5-3-9-19-9-15-14.

1-19 25-15-21 3-1-14 19-5-5, 23-5 8-1-22-5 1-12-18-5-1-4-25 7-1-9-14-5-4 1-3-3-5-19-19 20-15 25-15-21-18 19-25-19-20-5-13. 23-5 8-15-16-5 25-15-21 23-9-12-12 13-1-11-5 20-8-5 18-9-7-8-20 3-8-15-9-3-5.

26-11-9-18-15 21-12-12-15-8' 23-26-2
TestUser? It looks like another hacker wants to have fun with us. Anybody has any idea what's this all about?
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
Quote:The numbers mason, what do they mean! What are these numbers, and what DO they mean?
in order to prevent further damages caused by the reckless actions of the organization called terranovateam the colobot gold edition project shall be closed in twelve hours since the main organisation maintaining the illegal project will have received this letter if the organization does not acquiesce unforeseen consequences will occur and all the members of the organization will regret their wrong decision
as you can see we have already gained access to your system we hope you will make the right choice
regards zkiro ulloh wzb
I'm totally terrified by a guy named like that...
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
As you should be. As we should all be. This is a really serious situation and we should seriously consider following his orders. I unfortunately can confirm that he hacked our system, more precisely, he hacked @Simbax 's account. In order to protect the community I have temporairly revoked your administrator permissions until this situation is dealt with.
What do others think about closing the project?
It would be a real shame to close it down. Especially because there is nothing illegal about this project. You have the rights and permissions to use the name Colobot.
I'm sad that the threat is groundless and unjustified.
Oh my god. So he used my account? I'm so sorry.

I can't believe what's happening. And on the day like that?
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
The last post from @Simbax is probably the real one, it's not coming from the hacker's IP address
I've never heard about a hacker named "zkiro ulloh wzb". It doesn't look like a normal name at all. But what could it possibly mean?
"After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless."
~The Tao of Programming
The only mention of this name on google is!
Whatever this means, the thread on that page was started exactly a year ago. It looks to be something related to encryption too.
12-19-19 18 20-22-7 18-7
This looks like an unbreakable substitution cipher. So we're screwed.
"After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless."
~The Tao of Programming
Wtf is going on?
Sorry for my English
[Image: 76561198127157465.png]
(04-01-2016, 07:14 PM)DavivaD Wrote: Wtf is going on?

Somebody threatens TT to abandon the project. Otherwise bad things happen.
Any evidences? Becuse today is 1st day of April. This maybe is a Prank...
Sorry for my English
[Image: 76561198127157465.png]
As I'm not an admin I can't give you any. Maybe @krzys_h can shed some light on the circumstances here?
I'm asking you: are you proud of yourself? Do you know what are you doing?Do you even have human reason and dignity? I don't even know, you didn't even thought what are you doing and who are you threating. You can threat these who deserved it, but not our small community and our little, beloved project, that's not who you can just harass because you want it. I don't know what do you know about licensing, but you surely don't know what is open-source license. If you think you're so great, then you're crazy and you should be blocked. I don't know what's funny in there, but go warning TPB or Mega or other illegal sites, but leave alone projects such as Colobot: Gold Edition. How can you even post such abominations on forum? I'm asking who should answer to that, because it's clearly obvious you aren't part of any open-source project, maybe you're believing in closed-source.
Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png]
avy kjbhb jzhzf sw yspvsssx jgvb

(04-01-2016, 03:33 PM)Alpatron Wrote: 12-19-19 18 20-22-7 18-7

(04-01-2016, 08:38 PM)TestUser Wrote: avy kjbhb jzhzf sw yspvsssx jgvb
15-11-1-25, 9 4-15 14-15-20 11-14-15-23 8-15-23 20-15 4-5-3-15-4-5 20-8-9-19 15-14-5 :/

(04-01-2016, 07:44 PM)CHmSID Wrote: As I'm not an admin I can't give you any. Maybe @krzys_h can shed some light on the circumstances here?
All I know this is some person who somehow hacked my @TestUser account I created years ago when testing something and that he also accessed @Simbax 's account somehow
[Image: 5jiM2tJ.jpg]

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