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If you reload a saved game with certain wreckages(like a broken practicebot, a powercaptor or a bot factory) you may notice the wreckages changed how they look or disappear completly. Should this be changed?
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TT keeps all the issues here, not on this forum:
Ans so should you, if you want your topic to be ever noticed. Believe me, there is still SO much to be fixed and changed...

And I already did created issue on this topic:
Not that anybody cares, though, so far nobody ever said anything regarding these changing models of wrecks and nobody bothered to put tags on my issue.
However, if you know C or C++, you may want to try and fix it yourself, then send pull request to the project. If I got everything right, with the way of implementation I proposed there, it will probably take some time only on the coding part.

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