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ColoIRC 03/04/2016
Here are the logs: 
.txt   2016-04-02.txt (Size: 53.56 KB / Downloads: 491)

I'm just leaving it here so we don't forget. When someone finds some time and eagerness, please write a short summary here.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
It's been a while since I wrote one of these... Big Grin
  • Our versioning scheme has no way of handling minor bugfixes
    • This can be fixed by changing the versioning system 0.1.x to proper semver 0.x.y.
    • The new versioning system will likely drop the "alpha" part of the name, because it makes no sense at the current state of the project
    • It has not yet been decided when this change will occur.
  • Making releases more frequent
    • Currently, the releases are quite rare
    • The main reason is that we try to make each release perfect, so a lot of issues go into each one
      • We have discussed our system of milestones and how to improve it. @tomaszkax86 suggested using a system where milestones are oriented about features, not versions, and they can be done in any order. Things that are not part of any bigger feature are left without milestone and can be done in any order too.
    • Adventages and disadventages of more frequent releases in a nutshell:
      [2016-04-02 21:43:15] krzys_h: + the project seems more active
      [2016-04-02 21:43:58] krzys_h: + we stop trying to make each release BETTER THAN EVER
      [2016-04-02 21:44:51] krzys_h: - the releases are not tested as thoroughly, might have more bugs
      [2016-04-02 21:45:23] krzys_h: - release process will have to become automated or it's going to get really painful really fast
      [2016-04-02 21:46:07] krzys_h: - after some time people will expect us to make releases that often, which may put more pressure on us
  • Version 0.1.7b has been released as a bugfix for issue #755
  • There has been a little discussion about the new programming course
    • The two versions of programming course script were compared. One introduces the new topics too fast, the other one introduces them too slowly.
    • We have discussed the envrionment the exercises will be set in. We kept the original decision that we don't care the envrionment at this point because the hardest part about these exercises is writing the text in SatCom. Everybody seemed to like the idea of being trained by NASA before the main mission though, so this is the most likely path we'll take.
    • The current programming course is going to target 15+ years old, like original Colobot or CeeBot4. Exercises for younger players will be likely introduced at a later point.
  • @RaptorParkowsky tries to force his 'fixed logos' again, but nobody cares

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