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[Idea] Screenshot button
I'd say we should implement this and set no default key. We'll add the default key after you make up your minds.
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Well, I guess it's all because of our English communication. I thought is is only mine issue, but now I see that's all of us. We really don't know how discuss in English, I'm 80% sure about that. So many blood is broken because of wrong color, nodes and buttons, that's really funny...

I think there should be some sort of competition. Someone will win the iPhone if he/she will implement screenshot button first and make a pull request with the commit. Then you can make flamewars about what key should be default, ok?
(04-30-2016, 06:06 PM)tomangelo Wrote: Some of them are used to change game speed.

While I do think having pierdylion game speed buttons is handy, I think they could easily be reduced to [speed up], [speed down] and [default speed]
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I thought we finally got the final concept. If not F11/F12, then F10. Anything else? What the hack?
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