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[split] Balektoy 3D designer
Hello there, im new to colobot and i found the game educational I want to contribute to the game, I am a professional 3d graphics designer and i want to add more robots in the game how could i do it? are there any registration required to join the terranova team

hello i am new to colobot and i found the game fun, i want to contribute to the terranova team, i am a 3d graphics designer and i want to add more bot how could i do it are there any required registrations
@Balektoy : That's great you want to contribute! But I think this is a little offtop here as we're discussing here only about update of the Colobot: Gold Edition logo, so I'll split your post into another thread.

If you want to know how to join to our little community, I think this will be good start for you.
You can always share your 3D graphics portfolio and Colobot propositions somewhere in the forum, for example here:
Hello Smile
With adding more robots it's a bit complicated at the moment, because whole objects logic is currently hardcoded in-game, so adding new bots require both making new model (and textures, sounds etc., if it's required), but also changes in engine code. Of course we'll move to new models format, everything will be moved from sources and adding new bots wouldn't require digging in code.
Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png]

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