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User levels after 0.1.8
(09-27-2016, 02:05 AM)kevinvr Wrote: Yes, very interesting. I read what you wrote in github about the endmission pos= problem.

I will probably have to check my levels and see if anything has changed.

Another interesting thing i found is that when looking for uranium ore or nuclear cells in the "Amber" missions the wingedgrabber goes to pos 0:0 and tries to find something there even when there is nothing.  

It would be good if whoever wrote userlevels would add a note to say who they were so that we can give them credit if we use their stuff or modify their levels to use on later versions of colobot.

maybe this should be another thread?


Ok my apologies.
I see it has been reported in github.
- Colobot crash on loading saved mission #832

I will also try it again with a clean install of 0.1.8 alpha, windows installer on windows 10.


I did these levels. I guess they need a compatibility update then. I'll try to update them. Is it related to how the scene files should be referenced? Any news on these uranium issues? Which mission do you mean? Maybe wasp dropped stolen nuclear cell near an Alien Ant near these coordinates?

Edit: I'll test the missions myself and see what I can do. Now I can only say that at least endmission take looks properly, I updated it some time ago, when it became deprecated.
Also for some of my missions, uranium ore or nuclear cells will be spawned randomly by scripts, or in fixed positions to end the game. I used it sometimes so that more complex win conditions can be defined by script with many radar checks etc, and if its correct, some rare item or just something uncommon for given level like uranium ore is spawned at certain location, and in the scene file it was declared a "win condition" for it to be present on the map, and the mission ends. VTS simulations end when you have uranium, and it is spawned when convoy reaches finish, or all your bots are destroyed or sth.

Edit 2: Not sure what you mean, you pointed to a github issue with save game reading problems - which would mean that save games are not compatible from version to version, whereas levels are playable and correct. Edit 3: I tested all Amber levels in 0.1.8 with wheeled/tracked grabbers looking for uranium ore or nuclear cells, but I cannot reproduce your error. Sad Levels launch for me normally, and bots behave normally. Therefore, I'm not updating anything for now.
[Image: oh1hmu.jpg]
Works correctly, cannot find nuclear cells or uranium ores.

Also it would be great if you used some of my levels for future game versions! Big Grin Just make sure to read the credits.txt - there are sources to some of the stuff, and if you intend to sell it in future you might want to change some music and textures. I edited those, but a keen eye can spot that backgrounds are based on Homeworld 2 textures, and some music though edited, should not be sold I guess. Feel free to use the cbot code of ants, wasps, and bots, and ideas of wasps stealing, bots herding, alien cooperation, weird bot wariants, multiple win conditions, etc.
Also im looking for work as a level/content designer. Srsly. Currently, as a hobby I'm working on 20+ minor vanilla friendly mods for Rimworld game.

For Colobot: Gold Edition check out my TrueLevels level pack, UI Texture replacement pack and Sound Effect replacement pack.
Trailer for TrueLevels and my youtube channel here. Cheers!

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