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Secret stuff for userlevels
Hello, there are some secret units in Colobot like the Engineer(tag:Tech) or the rocket transporter.Those should be selectable,like Aliens should be that too.The too should be destroyable, like the LRV should be.That would make userlevels awsome.In the userlevel Alludo, which is available here, a lot of this content shown.
Work it harder
Make it better
Do it faster
Makes us stronger
More than ever hour
After our work is never over

Tech Engineers and Portico crane aren't "secret" objects, y'know? They're noticable in first missions. Of course we're fully aware about making them more usable in the future builds of GOLD, but this isn't our main priority now as we really have a LOT of technical problems and just couldn't implement most of such obvious ideas at this stage of development.

And again this thread is in wrong forum, because you actually didn't share any workshop related content.

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