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BattleSim [Code Battle Arena]

I present to you masterpiece straight from Houston, crown jewel of VR technology...

[Image: 4fu6yHB.jpg]
This advanced software is intended to cheaply, yet effectively train astronauts for future exoplanetary missions. This version is adjusted to support Code Battle.

Special, insanely complex Combat AI oversees the battle and allows for even more precise environment customisation! For instance, this battle puts pressure on ground combat, by disallowing winged weaponry, yet, allowing Winged Grabbers. Additionally, first team, wich will be able to park Tracked Grabber on Center platform will recieve Orga Matter.
Spoiler :
[Image: YTs9O2j.jpg]
Auxillary Bases provide prebuilt, indestructible Power Station and Derrick, so they're not dependant on resources flowing from main base and encourage establishing forward bases and releasing attacks from flank. Each trainee starts with 2 Wheeled Grabbers and 2 Tracked Shooters. Catch is that Shooters still wait for their power cells.
Spoiler :
[Image: IB70j4j.jpg]
Main Bases are decently protected with 4 Defense Towers to neglect ninja-rushing to put more pressure on tactics, rather than speed. Shielders and Phazers might come in handy.
Spoiler :
[Image: h40DZCn.jpg]
Spoiler :
[Image: Xmpg6j6.jpg]
Spoiler :
[Image: Yz4icxd.jpg]


  • v. A05.0317:
    - Release
  • v. A06.0317:
    Code Battle - Land (level001):
    - Fixed level001 not being Code Battle level type;
    - Fixed starting bot's damage reduction differences;
    Code Battle - Dogfight (level002):
    - Added Dogfight mode;
    - Fixed starting bot's damage reduction and engine overheating differences;
  • v. A08.0317
    Code Battle - Dogfight (level002):
    -Now actually works 100% more!
    Code Battle - Standard (level003):
    -Now actually works 100% more as well!
    Code Battle - Tactics (level004):
    -Added placeholder;
    Code Battle - KoTH (level005):
    -Added placeholder;
    Code Battle - Last Stand (level006):
    -Added placeholder;
  • v A09.0317
    Code Battle - Tactics (level004):
    - Added gamemode;
    Code Battle - KoTH (level005):
    - Finished relief;
    - Located bots properly;
    Code Battle - Wild Hunt (level007):
    - Added placeholder;
  • vA27.0317 (Current)
    Code Battle - Standard (level003):
    -Added SHOOTER tech as researched;

Simply extract the file in the custom folder.

PS Jokes aside, I'll really appreciate feedback and advise on how to make it better. Thanks for all the help I've got so far from the community!
I won't lie, I'm quite proud of this map.
Si vis pace, para bellum.

You definetely should! This skybox and ground texture looks insane! Reminds me some kind of TRON or Matrix. On screenshots it looks really good. Colobot's engine kinda suck when it comes to simulate natural environments, but this kind of synthetic level environment looks really good for it's graphics.

Definetely going to check this out.
I've already discovered two minor bugs though (namely, forgot to reenable Code Battle level type, and RED team Grabbers have greater damage reduction than BLUE's ones), will update it tomorrow alongside Dogfight mode FIXED

Skybox is actually COLOBOT in ASCII to binary translation pasted over and over. Just FYI Smile

I'll scavenge some alien scripts, modify them and make "Last Stand" scenario soon. I'm thinking about Free Game version with hostile bots (or maybe hostile bots teamed up with aliens?..) instead of aliens too, but it'll need bigger playable area.
And I still have to finish Seton's Clutch.

Welp, regardless, I'll update it as long as new ideas will come.
Si vis pace, para bellum.

[Image: iYdMl6n.png]
Spoiler: Pp ^^
[Image: latest?cb=20130911032357]
Sorry for my English
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