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Trivia about everything related to Colobot
If you know something strange or unusual about the EPSITEC or TT games, EPSITEC itself or even ICC, TT, you can share your knowledge here! The best facts will be added to the main page.

Use this pattern to post:

[b]Short description:[/b] This will be shown in the sidebar.
[b]Long description:[/b] This will be shown together with short description after clicking "More info" button.

For example:

Short description:
In the original version of the game there were 14 buttons for building. However, the last one could not be unlocked in any way, even after you beat the game.
[Image: 2014-11-01_14-50-24.png]

Long description:
Community had a theory that under the 14th button a Vault is hidden, but the ability to build it has never been used. After release of the source code, it was clear that it was just a placeholder to keep the look of the UI nice.

In Colobot: Gold Edition this button is used as a way to build a Destroyer.

It would be nice if you provided links referring to objects and screenshots or link to a source of a fact. Videos in a long description may be a good idea too. Also, don't do any formatting like bold font or colors if unnecessary. Descriptions should be as simple (and short) as possible, but not simpler. Main information must be included in a short description to interest a user. Long description can contain more information like how to reproduce a bug, what is the source of a revelation, to which game (and version) it is referring to and so on.

You'll be notified by this thread, if your fact was added to the main page. Good luck!
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]

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