Version 0.1.6 with tons of new stuff has just been released! Over 500 commits and 100000+ lines of code changed make this release the biggest one so far. Also, the quickest one – it’s been only about 3 months since we released the previous one.
The new features include Code Battles, new functions for building automated bases, updated editor syntax highlighting, a bunch of graphical improvements and a ton of bugfixes and internal refactoring which will allow us to make even more awesome releases in the future!

This release is so big that we decided to make a whole update video about it! Check it out below.

What are you still doing here? Now go and play! It’s waiting on the download page, as usual. Or you can click on “Read more” to see a detailed changelog.

  • Code Battles – A whole new gamemode! Challenge your friends! Fight with code!
  • New CBOT functions for building automated bases – Now you can do everything with just code – including building, making robots, researching or even taking off the SpaceShip! See the in-game SatCom documentation for details.
  • Get object velocity in CBOT using object.velocity
  • Drawing functions – You can now draw lines on the ground using robots. If you ever played some games from the CeeBot family, you are probably familiar with them already.
  • Updated SatCom – For a long time, we didn’t really update the in-game documentation with all the new functions. This has been done now! Also, we have a few improvements to the SatCom UI itself, including syntax highlighting in programs.
  • Ability to cancel building – We all make mistakes sometimes, so you can now abort building before it starts.
  • HD interface textures – We were working on improving texture quality for quite a while. In this release, we are bringing the first part of it – completly remade, high-quality textures of the interface. Updated object textures coming soon!
  • Improved shadow mapping, MSAA, mipmapping and anisotropy
  • Loading progress bar so that the game doesn’t look like the game hang during loading!
  • Improved autosave – It doesn’t disturb normal gameplay so much now.
  • Tons of internal refactoring which will make maintaining the code in the future much easier
  • And as always, a ton of bugfixes, including a new autosave-on-crash system that prevents you from losing your progress on crash