Found a bug? Have an idea for Colobot: Gold Edition? Or maybe you just want to say hi? Here is some information on how you can contact us!

…Hold it!

Before you report a bug:

  1. Make sure that you have the newest developer build of Colobot: Gold Edition. There is a huge probability of the bug being already fixed. If you acquired the game from other sources than our website, you probably have a release (master) version of the game, which is almost always outdated (yet the most stable) in terms of development.
  2. Use GitHub issues page to report a bug. Use an other form of contacting us only as a last resort, in this order: Discord, Subreddit, ModDB, e-mail.
  3. Always check out the GitHub issues page meticulously before reporting anything.
    • The bug could have been already reported and creating another issue will only lead to mess. If you have got any new relevant information about the already reported bug, write it in a comment under the proper issue.
    • If, for some reason, you cannot get the newest developer build, then also check the closed issues. The bug could have been not only reported but also already fixed.
  4. Create one issue for one bug only. If you have more than one bug to report, write more issues.
  5. Be coherent and straight to the point, it is not an essay. Try to keep it short — provide as much information as you can and you think might be useful, but no more and no less. Especially, write how to reproduce the bug and provide logs from the game.

Before you propose a feature:

  1. Have in mind that Colobot: Gold Edition is just an enhanced version of the game. Huge gameplay, design, engine or plot changes most certainly will not be even considered at this point. If you are thinking about a sequel of Colobot, then note that a lot of people already have their own vision of the future game, but discussions about those ideas are generally pointless as the development of a sequel is not going to start until the Gold Edition reaches the last milestone, which is probably going to take at least a few years.
  2. Make sure that no one else proposed a similar idea in the past. Check out open issues with tags such as "proposal", "enhancement" or "accepted".
  3. As ideas are good opportunities for discussion, the preferred way of showing them to the community is on Discord. Alternatively, you can use the GitHub issues page. E-mails are not the best way to present your idea if you take it seriously.
  4. Idea itself is worthless if it cannot be brought to reality. Everyone has myriad ideas, yet usually only few of them are remotely good. Think thoroughly about your idea and describe it the best you can. Imagine that you are trying to sell an idea for businessmen. Make sure they (people in community) will not ignore you or laugh at you.
  5. Focus on one concept at a time. Mixing several ideas in one thread / issue will just confuse everyone and make a mess in the long run.

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