Colobot: Gold Edition is an enhanced version of an underrated programming game named Colobot. We received Colobot’s source code eleven years after its release. We endeavor to make our project multiplatform, moddable and, as in the case of EPSITEC‘s original Colobot, educational. We think this RTS game is the best strategy game of all times thanks to its programming aspects!

We plan to refine the existing game engine, improve the graphics, add new functionality to the CBOT language, and create new game modes – multiplayer included. Existing game modes like programming course and challenges will also be expanded and adapted in order to create the most effective and pleasant environment for learning.

Right now, Colobot: Gold Edition is in the alpha stage, but it’s already playable on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS. Also, thanks to the continuous development and prospective inflow of ambitious developers to TerranovaTeam, we will think about the mobile edition of Colobot for Android. We develop this project on GPLv3 licence and it’s completely non-profit.

You can download the current version of Colobot: Gold Edition here. If you want to help, check TerranovaTeam’s subpage.

Also, it is important to know that Colobot: Gold Edition is just an enhanced version of the game. Any sophisticated features like new objects, programming language, aliens, and so on will not be included. However TerranovaTeam plan on creating sequels after Colobot: Gold Edition is finished (starting with Colobot 2).