Hey, it’s time for another update! This time we don’t have anything bigger to announce, but we have made some random improvements that should hopefully make your playing experience better.

Main things worth mentioning are: making DefenseTower work and unlocking debugger in code battles, blur effect when pausing the game, addition of first person camera for the astronaut, better camera keybindings and joystick configuration, improved camera controls, possibility for adding custom win/lost scenes in userlevels, new debug menu and some bugfixes, as usual. More detailed changelog is available under the “Read more” button.

Go to our download page to get it.

Userlevel designers should note that this update introduces a warning for incoming changes in EndMissionTake, update your levels because if you don’t, they will stop working soon!


  • Added Debug menu (default key: F11). Current features:
    – spawn objects by clicking a mouse
    – display goto(); path
    – display light positions
    – summon a thunderbolt
    – teleport to a point
    – display crashspheres used by objects
  • Added first person camera for Me and Tech (#156)
  • Added blur effect when game is paused (#656)
  • Added camera bindings for keyboard and joystick (#653)
  • Changed SatCom button size in main menu (#722)
  • Swapped second and fourth head in head customization menu (#724)
  • Changing face type now reset it’s hair color to it’s default (#724)
  • Defence towers now attack enemy bots in Code Battles (#700)
  • Removed exact object part positions from saves, as they doesn’t seems to be necessary
  • Improved camera control
    – RMB+mouse and numpad keys – horizontal/vertical rotation
    – mouse wheel and +/- keys – zoom (in free camera – move eye up/down)
    – CTRL or MMB + horizontal controls – pan left/right
    – CTRL or MMB + zoom controls – move lookat up/down (free camera only)
  • Changed arrays to use {} when converting to string
  • LevelController script doesn’t forcefully disable EndMissionTake and AudioChange
  • Added posibility to use custom paths to win/lost scenes
  • Added warnings about planned changes to EndMissionTake (#759)
  • Fixed exit after single mission mode
  • Houston lights are rotaded with rest of model
  • Fixed a bug, that would put game in pernament pause (#736)
  • Fixed compilation with disabled sound support (#748)
  • Fixed CMake warning when compiling on OSX
  • Fixed resizing of desktop SVG icon
  • Fixed fonts being pixelated on some machines (#738)
  • Fixed crashes after trying to deal fall damage on non-damageable objects (#764)
  • Fixed AlienWorm collisions (#740)
  • Fixed crash when loading level with incorrect object type
  • Fixed non-power-of-2-images in SatCom (#634)
  • Fixed not unloading textures on SatCom close
  • Scrolling lists doesn’t zoom anymore (#769)
  • Fixed coloration of UI when fogstart value in scene file was negative (#766)
  • Get rid of CheckChannel “errors”
  • Fixed links in Cbot listings in SatCom
  • Fixed errors with MSAA > 1 if there is experimental MSAA enabled
  • Fixed sample programs from Houston doesn’t working (#543)
  • Fixed AudioChange not working in mission 3.3 (#580)
  • Fixed mouse cursor scaling with resolution
  • Fixed sound channels not being unmuted properly
  • Fixed some bugs in CBot
  • Fixed debugger being locked in code battles
  • Fixed issues with sound channels not being properly unmuted
  • Group source files for IDE projects in CMake
  • Added some warning messages to CMake
  • Removed boost::filesystem dependency
  • Added some keywords for Linux desktop files
  • Minor internal refactors