It’s been exactly 15 years since Colobot was first released. That is quite a long time, isn’t it? Very few games have a community that keeps them alive for so long. To celebrate this special occasion, we have prepared a new release – a release that adds one of the most requested features that were missing in the original game – class inheritance in CBOT! With object-oriented programming becoming more and more popular, we believe this feature will greatly increase educational value of Colobot.

Additionally, we are happy to announce that the next release will likely be called 0.2.0, as we are just getting ready to release a major update to all models and textures that we were working on for the last few years. We have already revealed some high-resolution UI textures to you in the previous releases, and just to keep you excited this release contains some more texture updates – can you spot which ones have changed?

We also want to thank all of you, members of the Colobot community, for the last 15 years. Without you, Colobot wouldn’t be where it is now. We hope that with your help we will be able to continue updating and enhancing the game in the upcoming years.

And let’s not forget the usual stuff – you can find the new release on our download page and read the full changelog under the “Read more” button.

* Speeded up loading by caching sound/music files in different thread
* Fixed appearance menu

* Fully implemented and documented inheritance
* Fixed circular references in classes
* Added method chaining for class constructor calls
* Made it possible to access members of returned objects immediately [radar(Titanium).position syntax]
* Added file appending mode
* Removed character limit in programs
* Fixed ‘radarall’ returning only one object, when multiple objects were located at exactly the same distance

Important bugfixes:
* Fixed game stucking in infinite pause when copied programs has errors
* Fixed crashes when loading levels

Known bugs:
* goto() function sometimes hangs, making bots stuck in place, or moving around destination point in circles