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This time we’ve got a few small gameplay changes and user interface improvements, as well as some bugfixes.

Be sure to check out the new quicksave feature and improved gamespeed controls.

The game is available for download here.



  • Added QuickSave/QuickLoad feature, available under F5 and F9 keys
  • Rearranged speed keys, now F6 slows the game by half, F7 resets the gamespeed to default, and F8 makes the game 2x faster
    • Use speed ## console command for more precision
  • Added blinking icon when inactive object is under attack
  • Fixed editor/debugger and save/open file window moving/resizing behaviour [thanks @melex750]
  • Thumper now can destroy small objects
  • Recycler is now able to recycle small ruins


  • Added searchall() function and improved search() [thanks @melex750]
  • Improved strings concatenating [thanks @melex750]
  • Improved code type detection in object.factory() #938
  • Added escape codes [thanks @melex750]
  • Improved this behaviour in functions #672 #1026 [thanks @melex750]
  • Game now saves and loads lifetime and abstime parameters to/from game saves #1006 [thanks @melex750]
  • Updated file handling documentation


  • Fixed goto() behaviour in 32-bit game versions [thanks @melex750]
  • Added xmlstarlet dependency on MacOS [thanks @hlopetz]
  • delete(; doesn’t crash the game anymore #925
  • First loading screen frame is a bit shorter now (part of #898)
    [thanks @piotrwalkusz1]
  • Improved skybox scrolling [thanks @immibis]
  • turn(1); doesn’t work without energy anymore [thanks @melex750]
  • Fixed OrgaShooter’s OrgaMatter ball going crazy when energyCell had more energy than it should #1009
  • Fixed autosaves clearing game progress #812 [thanks @melex750]
  • Fixed CodeBattles crash related to scoreboard #1023
  • Changed NuclearPowerCell to NuclearCell and EnergyPack to EnergyCell in Russian translations #932
  • Changed EnergySpot to PowerSpot in documentation #969
  • Fixed warning in the last mission #934
  • Fixed AlienQueen script #940

Under the hood

  • Fixed some compilation warnings [thanks @AbigailBuccaneer]
  • Improved shadows performance counter #923 [thanks @Anton-V-K]
  • Added horizontal FoV support in engine [thanks @immibis]