Forum is a place where TerranovaTeam members first met and where most of the discussions happened. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) times change, and nowadays we’re using other forms of communication, like Discord. It’s not only us, the community doesn’t use forum much too. There is almost no meaningful activity on the forum except for bots and human spammers (as we suspect since they break all our captcha attempts) which moderators have to clean up almost every morning. That’s why we think it’s time to close the forum for good. People seem to prefer popular social media platforms instead of self-hosted websites anyway.

It may seem like a drastic measure and it is, that’s why we have to prepare before forum becomes read-only. The first thing that comes to mind is “where should I share my mods and levels now?”. We came up with a few options and want to ask you what would be your preference. The poll can be found below.

bike trail guide

Keep in mind that second option means a long term project and it will probably hurt progress speed on the game itself which already is quite low. If the first option is chosen then the forum will probably be vastly reorganized and become much simpler with only a handful of categories.

There was already some concern on Discord about sharing programs since they are not really mods. For now, the idea is to use our Reddit (/r/colobot) for such content. We underused this platform for too long anyway.

We’re open to new ideas so feel free to discuss on our Discord or other social media.