It was a long time since last release, unfortunately TerranovaTeam members don’t have much time to work on Colobot so this release mainly consists of bug fixes and merged changes from many collaborators.

As always, you can download new version from our download page.

We highly recommend to read the notes below in order to avoid some technical issues.

Note for Windows 10 users: after Windows update to build 1809 the previous releases will crash on start, so the new release uses patched physfs library which fixes the issue. The patch is also integrated in continuous dev builds.

Note for Linux users: we’re now generating AppImage instead of raw dynamically linked executable so it should work out-of-the-box on systems not older than Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Give it a try!

Notes for portable Windows executable users: Settings and saves are now written to the executable directory. In the previous releases they were saved to C:\Users\UserName\colobot\ (%UserProfile%\colobot\).
In order to restore your old saves and mods, copy files inside colobot\ folder to saves\ folder which you can either create or let the game create it.

Notes for Linux users using Colobot from their distribution repositories: Settings and saves are now written to $XDG_DATA_HOME/colobot or ~/.local/share/colobot, in this order. In order to restore your old saves and mods, copy files to the correct directory from the old one, which can be either ~/.local/share/colobot or $XDG_CONFIG_DATA/colobot.


  • Engine
    • Add VSync switch to Device tab
    • Improve performance (PR#1156, PR#1162 @AbigailBuccaneer)
    • Fonts are now configurable in a separate file (fonts.ini)
    • Add a minimum & maximum game speed limit (PR#1211 @suve)
    • Put pitch and roll in [-180,180) range (PR#1235 @Vladislav Kuzkokov)
    • Move debug menu to F10 key and statistics key to F11 and F12 (for easier debugging in Visual Studio)
  • Translations
    • Translation to Brazilian Portuguese (PR#1167, PRD#36 @badernageral)
    • Czech translation (PR#1201, PRD#34 @nextghost)
    • Complete french translation (PR#1237 @Uposax)
  • Bugfixes
    • Destroying power cell factory while an object is placed on it should no longer crash the game (#1203 PR#1206 @iceslab)
    • Game should no longer crash on some Intel Graphics devices (#1194 PR#1206 @iceslab)
    • Temporary fix for crashing while interacting with SatCom (#1128)
    • Fix pasting tab characters into code editor (#274 PR#1115 @B-CE)
    • Fix save games location on Linux (#1212 PR#1213 @ananace)
    • Fix switch case documentation shortcut
    • Goto: documentation for default value is incoherent (PRD#38 @OdyX)
  • Technical
    • Patch physfs in Jenkins builds (fixes the crashes on Windows 10 build 1809)
    • Build AppImage in Jenkins
    • Add an appdata XML for Linux packaging (PR#1205 @ananace)
    • Update Jenkinsfile for dockerized build environment
    • Add support for VS CMake/vcpkg compilation
    • Jenkinsfile: switch to declarative pipeline (colobot-data)
    • Fix some GCC8 warnings (PR#1192, PR#1199 @CHmSID)
    • Tweak strncpy() usage in ModelOutput::WriteOldModel (PR#1239 @suve)
    • Fix some linter warnings